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2019 Major Tournaments

The Tournament of Champions, January 21-22

On January 21-22, 2019, we had a nice tournament of two groups.  Each group played in a round-robin format and the top two from each group moved into the semi-finals.  Group 1's top two players were DELANO JONES and DAN HENDERSHOT.  Group 2's top two players were DAVE KROTH and JACK PRESCOTT.  If you happen to see these four players out and about, please congratulate them on achieving top four!


Random draws and a race to two games were the format of the semifinals.  DAN HENDERSHOT and JACK PRESCOTT were the winners of the semifinals and then it was a race to three games.  JACK won 3-1 against DAN.  Congratulations, JACK!!!  Thank you, DAN, for making it exciting!


I would like to personally thank Tom Mani for coming in the night before and helping me prepare the room by cleaning the tables and balls.  Also, a thank you to Dave Kroth for cleaning the balls between groups.  Last, but not least, a special thank you to my dear friend, Sam Yulish...always a pleasure working with you!


A big THANK YOU to all who participated!!!!

Delano Jones advanced to the semifinals from Group 1

Dave Kroth advanced to the semifinals from Group 2

Jack Prescott advanced to the semifinals from Group 2 and took first place.

Dan Hendershot advanced to the semifinals from Group 1 and came in second.

The Green Valley Open, March 29

Friday, March 29th, was quite entertaining!  A round robin "playoff" where nine players vied for the top three positions.  The three finalists, Jim Boie, Doug Gale, and Jack Prescott then played a round robin "finals."  After 24 games, the winner is.....

That's right, we had a 3-way tie!  They mutually agreed to split the title and winnings!


Congratulations to Jim Boie, Doug Gale, and Jack Prescott for making this a really fun tournament.  I want to thank everyone who participated! - Lisa

The Players Championship, April 18

What a nice group of players to play the hybrid game of 10-ball and what a marathon it was!


We had 5 players to fill four positions who scored high enough to go to the finals (four of them were tied).  Jack Prescott was part of that 4-way tie, but had to work, so forfeited his position. The players who advanced were Bruce Dworman, Richard Ohnstad, Dan Hendershot, and Terry Ludwig.  Then during the finals, we of course had a tie for 2nd place!


Congratulations to TERRY LUDWIG for winning the tournament in his usual style of starting off slow and then finishing strong!


Congratulations to DAN HENDERSHOT for capturing 2nd place after a long day in a sudden death tie breaker.


Congratulations to RICHARD OHNSTAD who played consistently well throughout, placing third.

The top four were Terry, Dan, Richard, and Bruce.

The Masters Championship, April 5

I would have to say, this was the "granddaddy of them all"...the last major played this year and also the longest 2 days!  The top five are well deserved players.

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to DAN HENDERSHOT for the focus and stamina that was required to win this tournament!  It was a pleasure to watch your matches...great play.

JACK PRESCOTT came in second with some outstanding games.  Congratulations, JACK!

TERRY LUDWIG finished third overall.  As always, fun to watch.  Bravo, TERRY!

Dan and Jack, the finalists

TERRY LUDWIG finished third overall.  As always, fun to watch.  Bravo, TERRY!

ROYCE FICKLING played extremely well during the Round Robin qualifiers and finished fourth overall.  Awesome, ROYCE!

NANCY PACKMAN was our top woman...AGAIN...playing against TERRY the semi-finals.  Congratulations, NANCY!

The Snooker Tournament, November 19-23

MIKE YOUNG organized and ran the club's first ever snooker tournament at the Desert Hills billiard room with twelve entrants. MIKE won the tournament with JIM MILLER coming in second and DICK FOLEY third.

Congratulations to DICK FOLEY who placed third in the snooker tournament.

The Quail Creek Match, 12/2/19

ART JANSSEN organized and captained our club team consisting of MEL MAJEAU, SAM YULISH, MIKE YOUNG, BILL BRIDGEWATER, JIM BOIE, BOB FLORES, and DICK FOLEY. This group beat Quail Creek 32-16. The two groups shared a lot of fun, competition, and fellowship and many commented as to how rewarding it was.

Party Pool  Sept 27, 2017

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