2019 Senior Games

This March (2019) our club again hosted the billiard events of the Southern Arizona Senior Games. Events included men's and women's 8-ball and 9-ball singles as well as 8-ball doubles for women, men and mixed. The matches were well-attended, showcasing skills of members and nonmembers alike at the West Center hall.  Due to the number of entrants men's 8-ball singles, the field was broken into morning and afternoon fields, with medals going to each.

Besides congratulations to the medal winners, also due are thanks to Lisa Wilding and John Feden, who organized and ran the entire event.

Women's 8-ball singles

Gold: Nancy Demmith   

Silver: Nancy Packman   

Bronze: Judy Wolf

Women's 8-ball Doubles

Gold: Nancy Demmith and Marianne Bishop

Silver: Judy Wolf and Nancy Packman

Bronze: Ellen West and Cherie Shiels

Women's 9-Ball

Gold: Nancy Packman

Silver: Cherie Shiels

Bronze: Judy Wolf

Men's 8-Ball Singles - Morning Group

Gold: Richard Ohnstad

Silver: Tom Odierno

Bronze: John Andersen & David Goble (tie)

MEN'S 8-Ball Singles - Afternoon Group

Gold: Bruce Dworman

Silver: Dick Foley

Bronze: Peter Zeh

Men's 9-Ball

Gold: Peter Zeh

Silver: David Goble

Bronze: Dennis Desmond

Mixed 8-Ball Doubles

Gold: Nancy Packman & Peter Zeh

Silver: Judy Wolf & Tom Keller

Bronze: Cherie Shiels & Geno Martinez

Men's 8-Ball Doubles

Gold: Tom Keller and Geno Martinez

Silver: Tom Odierno and Peter Zeh

Bronze: Terry Boren and Fred Jarzombek

Event Coordinators

Lisa Wilding and John Feden

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